Helping You Optimize Your Production Lines and Processes

We are O3 Smart – Our mission is to help manufacturing companies to unlock new value across their operations through the use of advanced technology and real-time data analysis and insights.

Value Engineering and Technology Experts

Our team is made up of specialists with experience in the manufacturing industry and digital technology solutions. We share our deep knowledge to implement Industry 4.0 and 5.0 solutions that really make a difference to the output and success of manufacturing companies.

Driving Your Digital Transformation

O3 will be your main digital partner, providing all of the digital tools and integrations you need.

Smart Technology. Smarter Factories.

O3 applies real-time data systems and IIoT to deliver insight-driven performance improvements.

Creating a Leaner, Greener Future.

O3 is committed to helping you reach new heights of productivity, efficiency, and sustainability.

We Are a Part of Something Bigger

O3 is part of the Obeikan Group, a leading provider of digital transformation and industrial systems. Obeikan is well known and respected for providing innovative, lean and smart manufacturing solutions.
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