Industrial Transformation and Sustainable Production

Roland Kümin
September 15, 2022

Imagine the following: Smart production lines exchange data across companies and use AI to optimize processes and monitor their own maintenance. In this scenario, production systems communicate with each other and collect data, for example, for better quality assurance, optimized material flow, or regulatory compliance and monitoring of pollutant emissions.

All this is not pie in the sky, but possible reality and O3 Smart is part of this industrial evolution. Already today, our customers are connecting parts of their value chain with our new technologies and using them to optimize processes and proactively sign up for scheduled services.

One O3 Smart customer, for example, operates in the high-quality packaging sector and covers the entire spectrum, from plastic to paper to MDF, with its state-of-the-art equipment and factory. It packages and fills for well-known brands including food and beverages, dairy, cosmetics and personal care, and pharmaceuticals.

Thanks to O3's Smart Manufacturing solution, this packaging customer is achieving significant time savings as well as improvements in effectiveness (OEE) by recording and visualizing machine defects, tracking progress on troubleshooting, and performing cleaning, inspection, and lubrication (CIL) tasks. Thanks to O3, he was able to significantly optimize the performance of equipment, personnel, and materials, and sustainably reduce his costs by 21%.

From Integrated Manufacturing to Smart Manufacturing

With the advent of new digital technologies, automation and advanced robotics, a significant transformation is also taking place in the manufacturing industry. This means that although manufacturing is still highly fragmented and isolated in many places, today's capabilities and expertise will allow it to quickly evolve into an integrated manufacturing ecosystem, taking advantage of all the digital opportunities to produce new products faster, optimize processes, and gain market share.

Of course, the road to smart manufacturing, which provides end-to-end insight to optimize operations (globally), is challenging and won't happen overnight. But, as we all know, everything starts with a first step.

Our practice is based on the idea that a good solution is not only technically perfect, but also meets the future needs of our customers. We offer complete solutions, ranging from individual components to fully integrated business systems. In our projects, we usually start with the connectivity tasks and get an idea of how data acquisition can be implemented at machine level or in the production area. Thanks to our Smart Connectivity solution, we are able to integrate and process a wide range of machines and process data. And when we come across machines that don't have sensors or don't allow third-party IoT devices, we simulate the processes and the corresponding data output in our system.

The future of manufacturing is digital and smart

Manufacturing and industrial technologies are key drivers of societal prosperity, and we see ourselves as a reliable partner when it comes to the digital transformation of the manufacturing industry. Our smart factory software brings your production line into a new digital age. It's designed to deliver more real-time data-driven capabilities and unlock new value through a fully connected ecosystem that enables real-time insights and predictive intelligence with immediate action on the shop floor.

And importantly, we are more than just a software company - we bring our in-depth industry knowledge and years of experience to your process, identifying potential problems and jointly developing a vision for the future.

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