O3 Smart Case Study

The Commercial Printing Company

Understanding Challenges As Opportunities

The Commercial Printing Company kept records of their processes and workflow manually, consuming a lot of time and resources.They also struggled to reduce downtime of critical equipment due to lack of shop floor operations visibility
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Manual Processes and Workflow

Manual processes and workflows were consuming a lot of time, and keeping employees from critical duties.

Downtime of Critical Equipment

A downtime of critical equipment was resulting in delays and limiting output and productivity.

Lack of Visibility of Shop-Floor Operations

Without a clear visibility of shop-floor operations, productivity was not fully optimized.

How O3 Enabled Smarter Manufacturing

We implemented Edge, Production, Productivity and Quality modules to get real-time smart insights of Overall equipment effectiveness (OEE), downtime and quality issues.
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O3 Production

To optimize equipment output, personnel, and materials through manufacturing driven KPIs, identifying and improving areas of operational ineffciency.

O3 Edge

To connect legacy and modern assets, extracting data points to deliver actionable and smart insights.

O3 Quality

To track and control the process parameters, execute all the quality checks with a paperless process, and record the non conformities and complaints in one platform.

Discover The Results

The Commercial Printing Company were able to exceed their targets and improve their performance and key parameters, most notably:
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Reduction in Customer Complaints
Improvement in Cost Savings
Improved Delivery Performance OTIF
Improvement in Overall Equipment Effectiveness (OEE)
Reduction in Waste

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