O3 Smart Case Study

The Glass Company

Understanding Challenges As Opportunities

At The Glass Company, there were scattered supervisory control and data acquisition systems SCADA interfaced with the furnace, batch area and cold end respectively. However, there was no visibility of the shop floor processes to the middle and higher management.
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No Visibility of Shop-Floor Processes

There was scattered supervisory control and data acquisition with a mix of systems and processes.

No Power Consumption Monitoring

A lack of power consumption monitoring was limiting the Glass Company's potential.

Reported Safety Incidents

A number of Safety Incidents were reported with a lack of processes in place to manage and trace these.

How O3 Enabled Smarter Manufacturing

We implemented O3 smart manufacturing Production Management, Safety, Quality with Smart Advance AI based Monitoring capabilities.
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O3 Production and Edge

To connect the scattered SCADA sources and consolidate the data.

O3 AI Advance Analytics

To monitor and optimize power consumption.

O3 Quality

To integrate online quality inspection systems to control product quality, improve process capability and enable quality teams to analyse real-time smart insights to solve root cause problems.

Discover The Results

The Glass Company were able to exceed their targets and improve their performance and key parameters, most notably:
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Decrease in Yield Variability
Decrease in Quality Issues
Increase in Yield
Decrease in Trim Losses

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