O3 Smart Case Study

The Liquid Packaging Company

Understanding Challenges As Opportunities

The Liquid Packaging Company sought to reduce its workforce and improve productivity, whilst ensuring performance levels did not deteriorate. Furthermore, they faced increased customer complaints in regard to quality and delivery schedule
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Limited Productivity

The Liquid Packaging Company had a large workforce with low levels of productivity.

High Customer Complaints

There were increased levels of customer complaints, particularly across item quality and delivery schedules.

Quality Management

In a number of cases output quality was inconsistent and monitoring this was difficult.

How O3 Enabled Smarter Manufacturing

We deployed O3 Lean Apps to rollout, digitalize and standardize Autonomous and Predictive Maintenance (AM, PM) Safety, Quality & Production processes across the plant.
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O3 Autonomous Maintenance

To record machine defects, track the progress of defect solving and tracking the execution of maintenance to save time and increase efficiency.

O3 Quality

To track and control the process parameters, execute all the quality checks with a paperless process, and record non-conformities and complaints in one platform.

O3 Production

To optimize the output of plant equipment, personnel, and materials. As well as to identify and improve areas of operational ine ciency within the plant.

Discover The Results

The Liquid Packaging Company were able to exceed their targets and improve their performance and key parameters, most notably:
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Overall Equipment Efficiency (OEE) Increase
Reduction in Costs, Increasing Savings
Reduction in Customer Complaints
Reduction in Workplace Accidents
Improved Delivery Performance (OTIF)
Reduction in Waste in the Manufacturing Process

Unlock Your Manufacturing Advantage With O3 Smart

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