O3 Smart Case Study

The Rigid Plastic Company

Understanding Challenges As Opportunities

The Rigid Plastic Company faced challenging and increasing delivery costs. Unable to identify the root causes for unexpected downtime, machines often had to be shut down for long periods leading to high levels of waste, increased costs and a negative impact on quality and equipment effectiveness.
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Unplanned Downtime

Frequent and unplanned downtimes were often difficult to predict with no clearly identifiable root cause.

High Levels of Case

Downtime led to high levels of waste across the production and manufacturing process.

Lower Levels of Quality

Quality and overall equipment efficiency was low and needed to be optimised.

How O3 Enabled Smarter Manufacturing

We deployed the following solutions to help RPC achieve the desired results:
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O3 Advanced Analytics

To identify key process parameters and their effect on quality. These provided operators with early warnings against breakdowns, to ensure corrective actions and reduce unplanned downtime.

O3 Production

To connect and monitor its utilities and machines, this provided visibility into key parameters at each stage of utility operations.

O3 Progressive and Autonomous Maintenance

To take proactive actions before failure, and streamline the maintenance process.

Discover The Results

The Commercial Printing Company were able to exceed their targets and improve their performance and key parameters, most notably:
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Reduction in Unplanned Downtime
Reduction in Waste
Reduction in Customer Complaints
Improved Delivery Performance

Unlock Your Manufacturing Advantage With O3 Smart

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