Plan Your Maintenance More Effectively

Minimize downtime and enhance equipment reliability. Empower operators to inspect and maintain machines with ease. A paperless solution for autonomous maintenance that prompts frequent machine monitoring and care.


The Tools You Need To Improve Maintenance Workflows

CIL Inspection

Prevent equipment failure with cleaning, inspection and lubrication management.

Gemba Walk

Observe, identify, and improve maintenance processes in the factory.

5S Audit Execution

Automated 5S audit scheduling for factory maintenance.

Defect Management

Automated defect tracking and management for maintenance.

Maintenance Solution

Keep machines running at peak performance with autonomous maintenance.


Intuitive maintenance dashboard for real-time monitoring.

Action Plan

Automated action plan creation for streamlined maintenance processes.

Configuration Panel

Flexible configuration and settings for customized maintenance workflows.

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How Does O3 Maintenance Work?

Create checklists with pass or fail outcomes. Record data and prompt inspections at set intervals for proactive maintenance and to enhance equipment reliability, and reduce downtime.

O3 Maintenance

Keep Your Production Line Operating Smoothly With O3

O3 helps manufacturers manage and reduce machine defects by providing a comprehensive defect management system with the ability to record and visualize machine defects, track progress, and assign responsible persons for each defect created.

Record Defects

Identify and track machine defects to reduce downtime.

Assign Responsibility

Track progress and assign defects to the right people.

Set Defect Priority

Prioritize and track progress of defects to ensure timely fixes.

Upload Images

Provide a visual of defects and actions taken to resolve them.

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Keep Your Equipment Running At Peak Performance With O3

O3 helps factories and manufacturers keep equipment running at peak performance by providing a complete maintenance management system. Easily manage cleaning, inspection and lubrication tasks and track execution down to the component level.


CIL Management

Configure the execution of Cleaning, Inspection and Lubrication tasks with the ability to define tools and procedures.


View by Line, Unit and Component

Identify which parts of equipment require attention with helpful views and reporting at the line, unit, assembly and component level.


Set Frequency and Plan Quickly

Stay on top of your maintenance plans by choosing your task frequencies and setting expiry dates for maintenance activities.

Continuous Improvement

Unleash Your Team's Potential With O3 Maintenance

Develop a culture of continuous improvement by providing a system for creating and recording Gemba Walk and 5S Audit observations. Easily upload images and follow O3's integrated lean principles and practices to bring the best out of your workforce.

Carry Out Gemba Walks

Allow workers to identify issues and areas for improvement with image upload and guided checks.

Create 5S Audits

Provide a structured approach to evaluate 5S practices and identify areas for improvement.

Scoring and Rules

Apply scores and classification rules to 5S Audits to help you quickly identify potential issues.

Assign Responsibility

Track progress of improvement actions and assign responsibilities to the right people.

O3 Maintenance

Our Pricing

Plan maintenance more effectively, with simple and transparent pricing.

What Is Included With Every O3 Plan?

All O3 Plans include a range of additional features including O3 Intelligent Training which provides users with step by step guidance, Live Support within the O3 Platform and the flexibility to change or cancel your subscription at any time.

Is There a Free Trial?

Yes, O3 Maintenance is available to try for free for 1-month. You also have the flexibility to change or cancel an active subscription at any time.

What is O3 Suite?

O3 Suite bundles our essential O3 Products (Performance, Maintenance and Production) in one service at reduced monthly fee. O3 Suite is ideal if you plan to make all aspects of your factory operations smarter.

Does O3 Maintenance Sync With Machines?

O3 Maintenance is designed to be simple and quick to use, and therefore, no API sync or integration is needed. Connectivity to machines and other services via API is available through our O3 Enterprise Plans. Please contact us if you would like to explore a connected solution.

What Features Are Included in O3 Maintenance?

O3 Maintenance includes a range of features for Maintenance Management, Defect Management and Continuous Improvements. You can view the full product specification and feature breakdown here.
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O3 Maintenance

Plan Equipment Maintenance More Effectively.
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