How Does Production Order Management Work?

Keep Up with the Pace of Modern Manufacturing

To remain competitive, you need to deliver products when your customers need them. Long lead times are not acceptable these days. Our production order management module helps you to become leaner and deliver more reliably.

Production Orders Made Easy

Automating your product orders has never been so simple. We’ll do everything for you – from mapping out your ordering processes, designing optimal workflows, and implementing our cutting-edge, yet simple-to-use production order module.

Integrate With Your Existing ERP

Customer orders from multiple channels are automatically processed and synced with your existing order management system.

Generate Quotes and Production Orders

Automatically provide customers with accurate quotes and delivery turnaround times. Get the ball rolling as soon as an order is placed.

Track All Your Order Management Data

The built-in data collection, storage, and analysis suite helps you to optimize your ordering and production processes.

Frequently Asked Questions

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Will The Production Order Management Module Speed Things Up?

Our team is highly experienced in manufacturing process optimization and value engineering. We will liaise with you carefully to ensure that the module links seamlessly with your operations and delivers productivity and efficiency benefits.

What are the main advantages of automated production order management?

The main advantages are that you will speed up delivery times, improve stock and inventory management, save money, and reduce waste.

How does it work?

Our production order management module integrates with your ERP and ordering processes. The data is automatically fed into our software which will analyze workload and capacity, before generating production orders and sending them to the shopfloor. All the data will be stored for later retrieval and analysis.

What Do I Need To Do Now?

The best place to start is to book a demo or a discovery call with our resident value engineering expert who has more than 30 years of experience in manufacturing optimization. Book a discovery call here.