Optimize Energy Across Your Factory

Monitor electricity usage in real-time across machines, production lines and manufacturing plants to reduce costs and optimize your energy consumption.
Trusted By 2,000+ Users Across 3 Continents
Made By Manufacturers for Manufacturers

Be More Sustainable and Remain Competitive

Protect the environment and people with smart manufacturing tools. Minimize waste, use energy more efficiently, and increase sustainability levels across your operations.
Trusted By 2,000+ Users Across 3 Continents
Made By Manufacturers for Manufacturers

Balancing Sustainability and Profitability

Avoiding Operational Disruption
Managing Ongoing Costs
Meeting Regulatory Compliance

Become A More Sustainable Manufacturer

O3 provides a variety of modules to improve sustainability across your business. With O3, you can automatically capture and analyze real-time data on waste, inefficiency, and energy usage.O3 generates insights to help you highlight operational areas that are ideally suited for sustainability improvements.
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With O3 Smart:
Reduce Energy Consumption
Stop Excessive Waste
Track Sustainability KPIs
Automate Analysis

Make Data-Driven Decisions

Access the O3 real-time dashboard to pinpoint waste, inefficiencies, and excessive energy usage. Implement sustainable practices and monitor success with automated analysis.

Meet Sustainability Targets

Enable in-depth and reliable sustainability KPI tracking. Produce reports on material waste, energy efficiency, carbon emissions, and other inefficiency metrics.

Modernise Production Processes

Use in-depth analysis to highlight areas for technology upgrades to improve sustainability. Modernize your processes to cut your carbon footprint and boost performance.